My Patient Keep Getting Sicker and I Want to Help Them Feel Better

Are You Looking for New Ways to Help your Patients Feel Better

  • Do you patients come back to you every year a little heavier?
  • Do they complain of fatigue, low energy, no sex drive
  • Are they struggling with depression, lack of mental focus
  • Are their triglyceride, cholesterol and sugar levels all on the rise?
  • Seriously we think we can help


What Will I Learn at Each Workshop

This is a Four-Part Workshop Series in Mastering the Protocols for Optimization of Hormone Therapy

It is the most detailed, evidenced based training you will find anywhere.  It educates to the what, the why and the how of hormone replacement and you graduate with a deep understanding of not just how to prescribe, monitor and adjust treatment but why we do this with extensive peer reviewed literature review to support all that is taught.  Some 400 articles in total over the Four-Part Series.

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Once you complete Part 1 we encourage you to start seeing patients and recommending for those patients that would benefit.  We cover each hormone in detail that includes research, protocols, monitoring, adjust and case studies.  We provide an online hormone summary recommendations and access to the online Forum for case questions as you get started

Parts II, III and IV build on this foundation and go into greater detail on cancer and hormones specifically breast and prostate cancer, PCOS, hormones and adrenal fatigue, cognition, cardiovascular and bone support all with increasing complexity and case study discussion and review.  Delivery mechanisms and delivery systems are all reviewed

What Makes These Courses So Effective? 

  • A total of 80 hours of live in person training
  • A 400 question Certification Exam designed as a review tool to test knowledge and understanding
  • Monthly CME Accredited webinar series to stay updated on current research
  • Monthly Journal club calls to dissect the medical literature and learn how to critique articles
  • Online Forum discussion with Neal Rouzier and course graduates; post questions and consult colleagues on difficult cases
  • Online practitioners’ directory for patients and colleague referrals
  • A sense of community for ongoing learning


Are these courses offered online?

These courses are offered as live-in-person and live-streamed.  They are not available as on-demand so a live stream means you attend the course as if it’s a live event with no additional recordings available.  For the remainder of 2020 course will be offered both ways allowing you to choose a method of attending the event that is most convenient and safe for you.

Do I have to attend them in order?

We require these courses be attended in order with the exception of Part III, Part IV, and Hormones and Beyond Symposium. Once you have taken Parts I & 2 in order, you can then register for any of those subsequent courses in an order that works for you. To be eligible for certification, you will need to have attended ALL four courses. 

Do I have to attend them all in six month or can I spread them out?

Evidence has shown that attending all four courses in a six month period results in the best learning experience, increased retention of information, and overall training. However, we recognize how busy medical professionals are and the timing may not always work out. We encourage you to take the courses in a timely manner, yet in a way that works with your schedule.

What if I have questions after the course? 

That is part of what makes our BHRT courses and Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine unique. We pride ourselves with the community of support and resources we make available to all of our attendees. Once you have attended a course and registered as a Free Member, you have access to our forums where medical colleagues are able to post questions and find answers. Our Full Membership provides ongoing support and education, evidence based resources, and the latest updates that are of great value to our most successful practitioners. Of course, if you have any questions you can always reach out to our team via email, live chat on our website, or a phone call.  

What Happens When I Complete all Four Workshops

 You may opt to complete the online exam to obtain your Certification through the Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine.  Program details can be found here.