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Our wellness practice is just like yours.  And we have found the secret sauce to running a cash pay practice that not only allows you to do good medicine but make some serious money too!  At The Green Leaf Group we have done what we teach so we know it works. We grow in our practice every day and we continue to teach and share our success with our clients.

Sadly, medical schools don’t teach business or marketing courses.  Most doctors with insurance-based practices just open their doors and wait for the insured patients to come in.  As a wellness cash-based practice, no one is there to guide you and it can seem scary, daunting and lonely.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The Green Leaf Group works with you and your team to create predictable success.  And we do it together.  So, no more lonely days.

We are health care professionals just like you and we started this business to help you in the areas that most providers struggle with every day.  And we offer several ways to get the help you need that match your style and your budget:

Online Learning

If you have the time, the desire and the support to do the work on your own, we offer several online learning opportunities for you to get what you need to help you grow and thrive in your practice.   Our flagship course: How to Create Predictable Profit in Your Cash Pay Practice will guide you step by step in every area of business that you need to be successful from mindset to marketing and everything in between.   Plus, download worksheets for each class and work on your practice alongside the course instructor.

Explore Online Learning

Course 1 Attendees:  Use Discount Code Worldlink and get 10% off! Must purchase course by February 26, 2021.

Consulting Services

The fastest, most productive way to see immediate success is to work side by side with The Green Leaf Group.  We become an extension of your work family and we will go to work on evaluating and coming up with an action plan of what needs to get done to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your clinic.  We also offer one on one coaching and group coaching options.  Schedule a Discovery Call with one of our Green Leaf Consultants to figure out what you need and how we can help.  

Marketing Services

Without marketing you have no patients.  Without patients you have no practice.  If you aren’t doing any (or enough) marketing, it is only a matter of time before your practice suffers.  If your practice needs help specifically growing your revenue but you have people that can do the production work, let us custom build you a 12-month Marketing Strategy Plan that is designed to connect with your perfect audience in a variety of tactics all intended to grow your pipeline and make the phone ring.  And, if you don’t have the support staff there to execute, we offer the option to let our talented team do everything from Project Manage to Copywriting to Graphic Design to Organic Social and Social Advertising. 

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