BHRT Lab Study #1: 60-year-old Male Cyclist who lives in Bear Lake “with Polycythemia Vera” & PSA levels and Cancer

Neal Rouzier, MD reviews several lab sections with varying topics and cases, and discusses dosing, monitoring, adjustments and labs to be aware of.

PLEASE NOTE: these lab case studies are not designed to teach providers to prescribe, monitor or adjust hormones. Prescribing details are covered in detail at  Part I: Discover the Power of BHRT.

60-Year-Old Male Cyclist who lives at Bear Lake (in high altitude) “with Polycythemia Vera”

PSA Elevation and Cancer

PLEASE NOTE: Case Study’s present issues, but do not teach out to prescribe to treat these issues. Prescribing details like this are covered in Part I: Discover the Power of BHRT.

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